center kitchen islands

kitchen designs with center kitchen islands

Center kitchen islands are functional and attractive addition to a generously sized kitchen. It can serve as extra counter and storage room for cooking, cleaning or other tasks. Islands are also architectural design elements. They can be barriers that divide work and common areas or shared social spaces that join eating and cooking activities. Islands are defining centerpieces in a room or empty floor space.

center kitchen islands

In a functional kitchen, counter space is key. A useful workspace that adds functionality and style to any kitchen is a center kitchen islands. This free-standing countertop is not affixed to any wall, making it easily accessible from all sides of the kitchen. Depending on the size of the island, this counter can also double as a casual eating area. To choose the right island to fit your needs, get hands-on with the designing process.

Choose whether you want a freestanding stationary island, a mobile island or a built-in island. A stationary island is suitable for cleanup, linen storage or light activities. A mobile island (on wheels or light for lifting) can be moved conveniently and brought out to the yard. It can also move with you. Built-in islands are suitable for electrical wiring, eating, cooking and storing heavy items. They are more substantial and expensive and stay with the home.
Choose the right space for your center kitchen islands. Designate an area in your mind for the placement of the kitchen island. Make sure it will make a balanced addition to your kitchen. While a kitchen island creates more counter space, it might not be appropriate if it interrupts the work flow in your kitchen. You want to be able to move around the room easily once the island is in place.

Select design features wisely. Islands can be made from a variety of materials that match your kitchen. Choose features that meet your needs. An island can support cupboards, shelves, drawers or racks. It can hold appliances like a dishwasher or fixtures like a sink. It can serve as an eating area with stools or chairs.

Create a kitchen “station.” Islands are isolated areas; they should function independently. You must be able to perform tasks without getting in the way of others. Coordinate features for a self-contained design. For example, a marble heat-resistant counter, stove top and wine rack or butcher’s block counter, sink, hand towel bar and knife rack.

Decide whether you want your island to feature appliances or storage. Your kitchen island does not have to be just a flat countertop. It can also be the location for your sink, stove, dishwasher or any other appliance. The appliances you choose to feature should be considered with the flow of your kitchen in mind. center kitchen islands are also useful places for storage, from cabinets to draws or even open shelving.

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