ceramic tile kitchen floors

ceramic tile kitchen floors are still considered as one of the best all-around materials for the normal homeowner. Strong and durable are just two of the many benefits of ceramic tile which has not changed for as long as it has been around. Today’s ceramic tile is greatly different then years past because of the gigantic range of colors, styles, textures, and looks available. Also they are making the tiles themselves bigger which gives your kitchen a more spacious look and feel.

ceramic tile kitchen floors

ceramic tile kitchen floors are made from a clay and other materials brought to a very high heat which gives it its incredible durability and strength. Because ceramic is moisture resistant and durable it is an ideal choice for the outside and as well as inside which can help your floor-plan if you are going for an integrated look from your kitchen to your outdoor kitchen.

The advantage of using ceramic tile kitchen floors:
-Strong and durable
-Water and fire resistant
-Available in a huge range of colors and options

The disadvantage of using ceramic tile kitchen floors:
-They do not handle heavy impacts well as it will crack
-If caulk not done correctly lines will look askew along with the tiles will have a tendency to come loose (which may happen anyway but will definitely happen if a bad job is done caulking)
-Available in a wide range of choices (I have this listed as a con because the choices can be so overwhelming that you go into analysis paralysis.)

Starting from as low as one dollar and go typically as high as ten dollars installed ceramic is one of the most reasonably prices kitchen flooring material available. If you’re looking for the look of stone, glass, or anything in-between on a tight budget but still require some functionality ceramic tile kitchen floors may well be perfect for you and your family.

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