Classic Kitchen Cabinet Idea By Ala Cucine

Classic furniture also has plenty of fans, for the kids we present this collection such as 18 designs for Classic Kitchen Cabinet from your Italian company Ala Cucine. The collection is seen as an a good smoothness of colours; it reminds us in the tranquility and also the serenity in our tender grandma’s kitchens where there is definitely good smells!. Making a classic ambiance doesn’t mean dispensing recent technology; actually, every design in this collection is provided by latest kitchen tools: built-in stoves, microwave ovens, dishwashers .

The designer used perfectly a modern day touch in two models where he added an island on the center from the Classic Kitchen Cabinet; inside first one, the region is large since the kitchen is spacious in order that it posesses a sink along with a stove as well as a countertop for cooking, additionally it offers big cabinets and 2 practical shelves. Inside the other model, the kitchen has a smaller footprint therefore the island is a little bit smaller but functional with a square shape, its equipped by way of a double sink along with a large countertop that can be used as being a breakfast table or preparing food, additionally, it contains deep cabinets and several built-in shelves.

Using the area ordinary Classic Kitchen Cabinet produce a nice combination between contemporary & classic style; the designer used a practical unit often utilized in modern designs, however he presented it in a very classic look for match with the dominant traditional atmosphere from the whole collection.
Kitchens are made from quality materials, all designs are equipped by the lots of practical cabinets and useful accessories. Colors came light and soft, these are bringing the ambiance from the 50′s; beside brown and wood colors, there exists cream, light blue and light-weight green.

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