countertops edging

countertops edging are not given as much thought as the color or material used for many new countertops; it is the last minute decision that many buyers make before having completely deciding on the end product. However, a well-chosen edge can actually be a wonderful complement to the material you’ve selected.

There are many different edging options for every surface. Knowing that you will be expected to choose an edge before your final selection is complete, it is a good idea to give the decision some thought in advance. You are more likely to be satisfied if you have thought about every detail and customized the end product to your exact preferences. Edges may not seem like a big deal, but if you are already making the investment in custom countertops, then adding the appropriate finishes will enhance the design.

countertops edging

Here are some of the different types of countertops edging styles available:

Standard and Chiseled Edges

Standard edges are simple and rectangular. Unlike a chiseled texture, a standard edge should be completely smooth. The chiseled texture can add a more rugged or natural look, especially if used in an outdoor setting or with a slate or stone backsplash or wall.

Rounded Edges

Rounded edges can add a subtle finish to your countertops. A bullnose is a sever rounding and can be done to the entire edge or just the top in varying degrees. Between rounded and bullnose edges, pencil edges provide a finished curve that is in the middle range; it is great for all spaces, both casual and elegant.

Beveled Edges

Beveling is a form of creating a flat angle on an edge. Countertops can be beveled, double beveled on both sides, and even beveled at a slant to the bottom. There are many different options with beveling involving the degree of the angle and width of the plane.

Formal Edges

Ogee, Dupont and Cove edges are more design orientated. Cove edges are round inverse designs. They can be used in combination with rounded edges to create a number of different layouts. Dupont and Ogee are wave designs; they create a sense of movement and are very elegant for formal rooms or settings.

Custom edges are great way to draw attention and provide additional details to your countertops. countertops edging is a simple change that can really finish off your overall look.

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