cream kitchen ideas

Cream kitchen ideas can give your kitchen a country kitchen or a retro-style kitchen. The color cream looks fresh and exquisite in a kitchen. It’s commonly used in kitchens on cabinets and walls. It’s a great alternative to stark white kitchens and is also more rental-friendly. If you are using colors in your kitchen such as red, yellow or blue, add cream as a color-enhancing neutral hue.

cream kitchen ideas by combining a cream-colored kitchen with wood tones to create a warm and rustic look. You can also use brick elements as accents. Use the touches of wood in the counters or the kitchen backsplash. Hardwood floors also look lovely with cream cabinets and counters.

cream kitchen ideas

Ceramic Tiles

Combine cream with light blue in your kitchen to create a European atmosphere. Add light blue ceramic tiles to the space above the stove. One design to incorporate is blue toile ceramic tiles. Paint the kitchen cabinets cream. Add a cream-colored chandelier to the kitchen. Use touches of the light-blue color throughout the kitchen as well. Sheer, cream-colored curtains finish the look in the kitchen.

cream kitchen ideas

Red Appliances

Combine cream and red in your kitchen for a fresh and stylish look. The overall look will be neutral, with cream-colored walls and dark cream painted, glossy cabinets. Add a red stove and dishwasher. Use other elements of red in the kitchen and touches of black for balance.


Combine cream with sea-glass green and turquoise blue for a kitchen with vintage pizazz. These colors were often found in kitchens and items from earlier eras, such as the 1950s and 1960s.

cream kitchen ideas

Add colored cabinet knobs to cream cabinets and counters. Also, place colored bar stools and ceramics in your cream kitchen ideas.

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