Cupboard Spice Rack

Cupboard spice rack is a type of rack cabinet, often made of wood, used indoors to store spices and protect them from dust and dirt. This kind of cupboard makes your spices remain neat and organized, and within easy reach. This Super SpiceStack bottle organizer is a rack cabinet that can 27 full-size or 54 half-size spice bottles.

Before purchasing this, consider your needs. If you are a professional cook who uses more than 27 full size bottles of spices frequently, you may need more spice storage space. Yes, it does hold as many as 54 half-size spice containers but they can run out quickly, depending how often you cook, the amount of spices you use, etc.  Also keep these points in mind before purchasing any cupboard spice rack:
1. Your budget. Although most of our spices are in this spice stack, we do buy larger amounts at wholesale centers. However, you can get around this issue by simply putting some of the bulk spices in smaller containers which fit in the spice stack.
2. The size of bottle or brand of spice you buy. This is NOT made for square spice containers. If you are wedded to a particular brand in a square container, you’ll have to find additional storage space for those spices.
3. Although it says the drawers are color coded, we did not find this to be true. Also, it is plastic and the drawers are noted to (possibly) tip over if you pull out more than one drawer at a time. So you need to be aware about that and take care.

Major pluses of this Cupboard Spice Rack is that it’s really does make spices easier to find and use. Pull out the drawers, see the spices arranged in alphabetical order and you’re set to go! The last three spaces in each tier accommodate larger spice containers but NOT super sized ones – just larger ones.

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