Distressed Kitchen Furniture

Distressed Kitchen Furniture – Even though many people pay out a lot of time searching for new furniture to replace old, worn-out pieces, some people are looking for their new furniture to look old or dated. That’s why some furniture stores sell distressed kitchen furniture. Distressed kitchen furniture is furniture with vintage looks. It will create a unique and classic style in your kitchen. You can find distressed furniture in antique shops and furniture stores, but their prices are usually luxurious also. The good news is you can create your furniture to have vintage looks by painting it with the right techniques. One way to add character to any kitchen cabinet is with the use of distressing techniques. It is an easy way to fashion your furniture with a look that is both rustic and chic all at once.

Distressed Kitchen Furniture

Here are some tips to save time and money by aging the table yourself with distressing furniture techniques to make distressed kitchen furniture.

  • Unscrew your cabinet doors and lay them flat on a drop cloth.
  • Use layered colors and spattered dark paint, and when the paint is dry, you can “distress” the finish by hitting it with a chain and lightly sanding in the spots where cabinets get the most use to reveal the colors underneath.
  • Brush a coat of varnish on each cabinet to preserve the effect and let dry. Or you can Apply the paste wax with stain with a brush.


Don’t forget to wipe the finished Distressed Kitchen Furniture with a damp cloth after you finish and put them on your kitchen room.

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