French country decor looks comfortable and casual

If you plan to copy the French country decor you need to visualize a pleasant and relaxed for the overall look of your home. All the natural elements, such as real wood, wool, organic cotton and plaster walls in almost all heavily in this style of home decorating. In particular, the colors used are generally considered to Mother Nature.

Do not paint the background image, but all the walls, applying the paint colors of the grass, sea and sun. You can make your own design, you should use a fireplace, it should be a rock. If you have a large bedroom or living room, large furniture is certainly a typical part of this planning process.

French colors Decor March dates back to Nature

As I said, the colors commonly used in French country decor are mainly those coming from outside and in addition to the standard lavender with gold, some people actually want to use the diluted red blue and dark green and deep, knowing that everyone will surely help give you a fashionable and also an informal appearance. By selecting the red and green to help brighten the space, although the result you have to choose a neutral gray or black maybe.

Considered a romantic and stylish interior design, decoration Country French has also been featured in magazines popular decoration in recent years. Although the French Interior in March was a very humble origin, a number of trends interior designers have fallen deeply in love with it and even focus on the Country French in their own homes.

As part of their own product, you will find basic information on the Country French decor of your kitchen, dining room, bedroom and even your own private bathroom. Visit the French in March accent furniture styling, typical of French Country design of metal and iron wall decorations and a beautiful French March ceramic decorative accent to the Old World, Mediterranean, French country decor.

Country French country decor is rustic in general, but always takes a subtle style. Strategies color usually a compliment, and recall the gardens and landscapes, and even space should be used with great care so as to keep things well, but organized. There is no one right way to take the French Country decor, however, there are tips to keep you on track.

In choosing a country French designs and styles, try to find the colors dull. The actual color palette of interior French and French Country furniture in March is usually different shades of a low red, green, and the rustic, smooth golden yellow. In general, it is also common in French in March pastel decor For example, roses, lavenders, blues, and even pale yellow. Ultra-soft pastels are ideal for walls in front of a dark background.

French country decor

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