Granite kitchen sink for elegant kitchen

Granite is a popular material to make sinks and tubs. The luxury of it will give an elegant upgrade into your home style. A Granite kitchen sink is something that you can have to make a beautiful kitchen. The granite is a tough material, so that the sinks that made of it is very durable. It will stand the daily pressure of denting, staining, and cutting. The granite is also scratch resistant and non porous, so you will keep the beauty of your sink for a longer time.
Granite kitchen sink
The Granite kitchen sink usually are more expensive than the other sink with different materials. But it is worth with the quality that you can enjoy from it. The granite offset double bowl kitchen sink from Pegasus is a perfect choice in a premium quality. The black granite is so elegant and suit for the contemporer kitchen. It resistant to heat, scratch and stain, and it easy to install. The size of the sink is 35 inches x 24 inches, and it has a limited lifetime warranty. This elegant Pegasus granite kitchen sink is worth U$ 499. Unfortunately it doesn’t have a noise reduction system, but granite sink is not as noisy as the stainless steel sink, so still, it is a great investment for your kitchen.

Granite kitchen sink

To keep your Granite kitchen sink in a perfect condition, you can clean it every night. Rinse and dry the sink, and make sure that it open so that it can be exposed by the air. If you’re living in a high mineral water area, wash the sink with vinegar regularly to prevent the mineral deposit. Do not leave a mild steel or cast iron cookware in a long time at the sink because it may cause stains. Do not rinse the sink with bleaches or chloride products because it may cause th discoloration of the sink. The last thing is avoiding the use of the sink as the cutting surface, because it may scratch

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