How to get more space in your kitchen

Heart of your house, where the most items are placed, is always kitchen. Kitchen is also place where we meet with family and friends. How to combine both needs the correct way? To ensure in your kitchen is room for comfortable work, you should alwasy make sure that you order the facilities this way: refrigerator – kitchen sink  – works space – cook center. The triangel refrigerator – sink – cook center determines the number of your steps, so the triangel should be the reasonable size.

Room for work
Work space with kitchen sink should be higher by 5 – 10 cm than 85 cm. If the owner is the average high, higher height can make your back straight. As a bonus you get more space under the workspace.  To use every space, invest money in drawers so you can see whole content not only first 20 cm. Do you have kitchen with cornet? It is very clever to use the space in the corner with rotating wire carousels, where you can place mainly bigger items such as bottles, wooden boards, paper and many other subjects. Access to the corner can be managed by two-leaf folding doors.

Space where you can store many items can go up to the ceiling. Use free cabinet shelves on which we place decorative items. Higher space fill with the least used things (for example items used during Easter or Christmas only and other seasonal items).

If we have a four member family, it is clearly preferable to a wider (60 cm) type, even if it remained less storage space. The solution ultimately will appreciate, because we will save enough electricity.

Better bigger sink
Sometimes we need to wash large pots and baking trays in the kitchen sink. To make this work comfortable, choose always bigger sink. Ideal sink bath has a width of at least 40 cm and a depth of at least 18 cm. Work easier for us to sink mixer with a small sliding shower.

Compact and practical
The slider desktop would be appreciated when preparing food, cleaning vegetables, or if you havechildren help.

Kitchen in room
The conversion of very small apartments, owners often choose to get room and kitchen also moved into the living room or hallway. Place a kitchen in hall with no windows is very difficult especially from the hygienic point of view. This kitchen should be well separated from “dirty” entrance, and in any case should have adequate lighting and a really good hood.


Mini kitchen
If we live in the studio apartment and cook in two days only couple of eggs we can buy a “small kitchen”. It is about 120 cm wide and 60 cm deep cabinet. The prices of these miracles are relatively high, and therefore they prefer eating in restaurants.




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