How to Hanging A Pot Rack

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hanging a pot rack can seem a little daunting, and that we get mentioned it frequently! The guide will tackle the situation and earn it possible for everyone!

hanging a pot rack could possibly get very heavy when weighed down effortlessly your pans, so it’s important that it can be installed correctly & firmly into the joists in order to avoid it falling.

You will want:

* ceiling screws – a wood screw for that joists which has a hook at one end to connect the chain
* a drill
* a stud finder (optional)

Where to find the joists

* The simplest way to locate the joists is to search for nailheads that support the wallboard for the joists. Depending on construction, most joists are placed at 18″ or 24″ gaps. A flashlight could help you locate these. Tap the location to find the location with solid backing when a joist is going to be situated.

* Failing that, buy a stud finder from the local home improvement center. A simple stud finder could cost around $10. Simply slide it throughout the ceiling as well as beep or flash since it detects a solid frame. Mark the positions with the joists and their direction
Where would you drill?

If your rack has 2 ceiling points:

Racks are sturdiest when hung while using chains at an angle – either outwards or inwards, as shown in the in the picture below. This adds more stability and prevents the rack from swinging or tilting.
In the photo below, the 2 chains on each side meet, therefore the rack will hang from just 2 points in the ceiling.

* The easiest method to hang the rack is within the same direction because joists in order to simply measure indicate way one joist, drill, fix in the screws and hang up the rack.

* If you prefer to Hanging A Pot Rack at right angles for the joists, find 2 joists and look at the distance across. Make sure the space with shod and non-shod will help you still hang your chains at an angle, as shown within the picture. Depending on the sized your rack, you have made need to to make use of alternate joists.

If your rack has 4 ceiling points:

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