How to Redecorate Your Kitchen With Minimal Expense

People have many different reasons for wanting to redecorate a kitchen. You might want to modernize the look, create a lighter atmosphere, gain more counter space or simply make better use of the space, making it more efficient for you. Whatever your motive, look at what you have and ways it can be updated, shuffled or redesigned before you completely empty it and start from scratch.


If they work fine, but you don’t like the color or condition, consider cleaning the exterior well, sanding the surface lightly and spray paint it a new color. If you’re looking at your stove or range, hold the paint but contact appliance repair shops to see if they can sell you the outer panels in a color you like. If none are available, they might advise you on how you can refurbish it safely.

If you want to move your appliances, take into consideration their energy source. If you have a gas range, for example, you’ll have to have the gas line moved if your hose cannot safely reach and connect to the appliance in the new location. Add that projected cost into your project budget to verify you stay within guidelines. Consider the same condition if your electric range needs to be moved and if you want the sink in a new location.

Counter Space and Storage

If more is what you need, can you create work space and drawers or shelving by continuing the flow from the current counter you have. In other words, if you have a little bit of space between your sink and the edge of the counter, then blank space between the counter and your stove, for example, can you create the type of space you need by installing new, continuous counter top that spans the entire area?

You can coordinate and match colors with the look you already have or refinish or repaint all of it for a brand new appearance.

If you have open space on your walls but don’t want full cabinets, consider adding sturdy but decorative shelving. With even a one-inch guard rail along the front, you can help avoid things falling when the kids close the refrigerator door too hard or run through the kitchen to go in the backyard.

If you have space between wall cabinets, add small shelves there, too, for additional decoration and storage. If you have open space on the side of a set of cabinets, consider matching texture, grain and color or use a complementary style by adding exterior shelves connected directly to the cabinet instead of the wall for even more storage space and appearance enhancements at a very low cost.


Half- or full-shelf additions in current open-cabinet design can add room for additional kitchen gadgetry, food, dishes or supplies with very little cost.

If you want a new look to your cabinets, and you’ve considered and rejected the resurfacing option, try removing the outer panels and install just the doors. Substituting decorative glass in place of a solid center panel can change the appearance dramatically and often costs a third of new cabinets. Match style and color with the rest of the front panels in drawers.

Finish the new look by coordinating styles of knobs and handles, and guests might wonder if you won the lottery.

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