ideas for cheap kitchen remodel

ideas for cheap kitchen remodel

Many homeowners leave kitchen remodeling last on their “to do” list because they fear it will be expensive. It can be, but it is also possible to achieve a fresh new kitchen look on a limited budget with ideas for cheap kitchen remodel. If your kitchen components don’t need to be ripped out and replaced, you can find many cheap remodeling ideas that will transform the space.

Get rid of clutter from your kitchen workspace to give the room a whole new look. Make visitors think you have completely remodeled your kitchen by organizing your space more effectively. Clever storage solutions include stylish pot racks, either mounted to the wall or hung from the ceiling, which keep your pots and pans accessible but out of the way. Contemporary designs come with attached lights to give extra illumination to your countertops.

ideas for cheap kitchen remodel

If you can’t afford to replace the main fittings in your kitchen, one of the ideas for cheap kitchen remodel is to add color through matching small appliances. Forget about boring black or chrome–toasters, kettles and blenders are available in a wide range of brights, including red, hot pink, citrus orange, lime green and yellow. To create a unified look, purchase new dishcloths, a tablecloth and blinds in the same color. To make a real style statement, add an accent color to the kitchen island top or cabinet doors. Brightly colored paints are available that are suitable for painting wooden surfaces.

Update your kitchen walls for a quick and simple new look with ideas for cheap kitchen remodel. A fresh coat of paint in a different color, perhaps with a signature wall in a deeper shade of paint or complementary wallpaper, will make a huge difference. A new tiled backsplash–particularly one in bright colors or an interesting pattern–will breathe new life into your kitchen. Eco-friendly tiling is the modern choice; look for recycled tiles made from materials like waste glass and granite dust.

Faucets are available in more styles and finishes than most of us realize. If your budget won’t stretch to replace the entire sink, change the faucet for a fresh look. Choose from commercial styles with contemporary goose-neck stems that provide more power and washing space. Faucets come in high-shine and matte finishes, either in the most basic of styles or with lots of fancy features, ideas for cheap kitchen remodel allowing you to go for your personal preference and keep within your budget.

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