IKEA kitchen island for your stylish kitchen

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A kitchen island is one of the most importand furniture in a homey kitchen. The furniture usually placed in the center of the room, and being used for anything, from processing or eating, chatting, or just sitting. If you mind to remodell your kitchen, a kitchen island is definitly something that you have to pay attention for. Kitchen island is avaiable in any size and shape that will match with your kitchen designs. For buying a new kitchen island, make sure you choose the right size so it doesn’t dominat the space at your kitchen. For the design, you can pick the one you like with IKEA kitchen island collection.
IKEA kitchen island
Kitchen island can have a big role of your kitchen designs. For small kitchen, a kitchen island can be useful as a work area too. It is good to have open shelves for the kitchen island to space up your limited space. You can use the shelves to put some cooking books or storing plates. The open shelves kitchen island is avaiable by the IKEA kitchen island collection. You can hav the UTBY underframe that made of light steel and a white woody countertop. The kitchen island is strong enough to be a cutting surface, but it also look casual that makes it perfect to just sit and have a chat. You can have this kitchen island with just U$ 89.

White is a popular color for a kitchen design. The idea of makes the kitchen look brighter, cleaner, and bigger makes a lot of people choose this color for their kitchen. If you are one of them, you can have the Urban Bar Stool from IKEA kitchen island collection. This one is also an open shelves kitchen island, so it will make your kitchen look more spacious than a regular kitchen island. The Urban Bar Stool is perfect for a contemporary kitchen. The body of the furniture is fully white, with a pale natural colored wood as the countertop. The design of this kitchen island is so elegant and will instanly adding style into your kitchen. You can have this kitchen island with U$ 119.

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