inexpensive kitchen renovation

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When it’s time to have inexpensive kitchen renovation, you may want to jump in and do the work yourself instead of hiring a handyman to do it for you. People who havea natural flair for crafts will enjoy repainting furniture and making simple, relatively inexpensive changes that will transform the kitchen. Whether you plan on making large remodeling changes or small additions, consider the functionality of the kitchen and how to make it work best for you and your family.

inexpensive kitchen renovation

Planning the Layout

Start your remodeling project by removing everything you can from the kitchen to get a fresh perspective on the open space. Use a free furniture layout program (see Resources) or draw a few sketches on paper to come up with several different decorating ideas. Choose the one you like best and design your kitchen around it.

inexpensive kitchen renovation ideas

Keep in mind that the function of the room should take first priority during inexpensive kitchen renovation. This is especially important in a small room with limited space. If your kitchen serves double duty, such as a kitchen and dining area or a home office, you need to plan what activities you use the room for and how best to accommodate them. Look for pieces of furniture that serve more than one purpose and add in plenty of shelving for storage. Convert existing pieces by adding more shelves or rearranging the heights of individual shelves to better suit your needs.

Updating Paint and Wallpaper

Before you start adding more detail to the kitchen, decide on the color scheme. Warm, bright colors create an inviting and active environment while light, neutral colors enhance the space in small kitchens. Get creative with your painting by painting stripes or even floral designs on the walls. For a quick change, consider removable wallpaper and apply it along one wall or in patterns across parts of the room.

To avoid creating chaos, keep patterns simple or leave the walls blank and add interest with vinyl cutouts. They stick to the walls and can be removed without a trace. Choose a design from a home decoration store, or cut your own design from colored contact paper with an adhesive backing.

inexpensive kitchen renovation

Creative Storage Solutions

Besides adding storage from extra shelving or drawers, create additional storage by making decorative, fabric covered containers that match your kitchen color scheme. Place them on shelves and attach a small sticker to the front of each one that tells what’s inside. A homemade spice rack created from wood matching the color of your cabinets will allow you to choose how many jars it fits and what size it holds. Try creating a cheap paper towel rack by painting or staining a thick dowel rod and inserting it into a wooden base. Drill a hole into a round or square block of wood and use wood glue to hold the dowel rod in place.

Increase your storage area in small cabinets by placing a wire shoe rack inside. Place items both underneath and on top of the rack to double the vertical cabinet space. Finally, turn a small rolling cart into a kitchen island by repainting or staining it to match the kitchen. Place a cutting board on top and special utensils in the drawers. This frees up the counters and tables for serving food or preparing large meals and lets you work on specific meals on the kitchen island cart.

Decorating Cabinets

Once you have your kitchen furniture and color scheme planned, consider giving the entire room a new look by changing the cabinets. Instead of tearing out old cabinets, strip off the old paint or stain and sand them down. Prepare the surface by cleaning it and applying primer if necessary, then paint or stain the cabinets with a new color. Add in colorful patterns or pictures for a more quaint or whimsical effect. Add new hardware, such as drawer pulls and cabinet handles, and your kitchen will be transformed from run down to designer overnight. If you have extra time and money, paint or stain the other furniture in the room to match. This inexpensive kitchen renovation allows you to create a matching dining set out of even the most mismatched pieces in your collection.

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