Installing kitchen sink drains

It is importan for us to have a skill on fixing home problems. Having an expert to fix the minor problems at our home maybe wasting your time and your money. One of the common problem that often occured in the house life is plumbing problems. Fixing a broken faucet maybe a cup of tea, but how about installing a kitchen sink drains? Here some tips for you.
flexible kitchen sink drain pipe
Before you start, you may have to know what it is in a kitchen sink drains. It parted into several sections. First it has the strainer that connected to the strainer body, and inserted to the sink. The difficulties of installing kitchen sink drains are depends on the amount of your kitchen sinks. If you have a double sink, it will be more difficult than the single sink. Moreover, if you have a dishwasher, it will adds the complication too. One of the problem is that it is quite hard to find a PVC drain assembly to fit the multiple drains.

The installation of the kitchen sink drains begin with putting a plumbers putty around the strainer’s underside. Put the strainner into the sink to prevent leaking. Put on the rubber washer and screw the locknut. Cut a tailpiece into a proper length, and put the washer on its rim. Fit the tailpiece into the tailpipe, then screw it on. If you have a dishwasher, you have to add an outlet for the waste water. You can find it easily in any plumbing store. That’s how to installing a kitchen sink drains. If you found it to difficult, you can have the pumbler expert to done it for you.

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