kitchen bar stools

kitchen bar stools are typically used at either a home bar, such as in your basement or entertainment room, or at your kitchen’s center island. They are a much higher than a typically chair and can certainly add an extra bit of flair to your décor. The stool could be matched up to a particular theme relating to the kitchen or it could follow the natural flow of the room. Some people have a desired decor style that they would like to follow, using the stools as part of the planning and decorating. A modern kitchen will have a different look to it than a traditional one.

kitchen bar stools

When you choose a bar stool, make sure you make practical considerations, as well as considering things such as:
Measure the height of the table or counter where you plan to put the bar stool. The measurement should be between 40 and 42 inches to accommodate a bar stool, which is generally 30 inches high. Look for bar stools that are counter height if your table or counter is about 36 inches. These kitchen bar stools are shorter than standard bar stools, usually between 24 and 26 inches high.
Consider the various features the bar stools can have. Arms and a back can make bar stools more comfortable, while a swivel feature can make your room more sociable.
Figure out how many bar stools you need. You need to have about 26 to 30 inches between the centers of each stool to give the people sitting there enough personal space. Add a few extra inches if the bar stools you choose have arms or can swivel.
Check out the materials offered for bar stools. They will generally be made primarily of metal or wood and the seats can be either not upholstered or covered in fabric or leather.
Find bar stools that match the color choices and style of the room. For example, a traditional, cottage style kitchen would not have sleek, metal bar stools that boast a retro or modern vibe. Sit on the bar stools you’re choosing from. This makes deciding between them easier, assuming that comfort is a factor in deciding to choose kitchen bar stools.

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