kitchen cabinet facelift

kitchen cabinet facelift is probably one of the best options one can fall back on in the event of a shoestring budget. In case you are faced with budgetary constraints and do not intend to spend much on giving your kitchen cabinet a facelift, refacing might just be the ideal option for you.

However, as the word cheap is very much relative and will have different meanings for different people, it is always advisable to first visit the various shops or the carpenters who can do the job and take the estimates from them for the specific kind of job you intend to do. When you have cabinet refacing estimates from different vendors, you have an idea of the kitchen cabinet refacing price and can choose the most suitable one for you.

kitchen cabinet facelift

Now, let us discuss the various ways you can approach the vendors or the questions you can ask in order to know the kitchen cabinet facelift price.

First, you should want to know the general refacing kitchen cabinets cost. Get to know whether the job is priced by the foot or a different measure? Find out if there is a specific charge for removing the doors. Also find out whether the carpenter charges separately for toe kick crowns and so on.

kitchen cabinet facelift ideas

Second, a very important thing you must keep in mind is when a vendor gives you the estimate for the refacing, whether the price includes the cost of materials only or it is inclusive of the cost of both the materials and labor. Insist on having the total estimate, factoring the materials and the labor charges.

Third, find out how they go about their work. For example, how would they work on face frames, European style cabinets that are edged and the toe kicks? How would they go about their work given the different types of cabinets in your kitchen? These are important questions and would need thorough evaluation from your end so that you get the best deal.

kitchen cabinet facelift how to

Last, find out the time they would take to complete the job. Also, what is important is how much time you can afford to give them to complete the job. Find out whether and how much would the time have a bearing on the kitchen cabinet facelift price.

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