kitchen curtain designs

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In choosing kitchen curtain designs, find the lighter and more casual than curtains in other rooms of the house. Kitchen curtains can serve to provide privacy or to frame an outdoor view while adding style to the room. Because they are exposed to airborne grease and food particles associated with cooking, kitchen curtains are almost always made of easily washed cotton or polyester.

kitchen curtain designs


These kind of kitchen curtain designs are characterized by their split nature (they are hung from a pair of rods), cafe curtains, also called tier curtains, are perhaps the most popular style of kitchen curtain. A short 9- to 12-inch valance is hung from a rod positioned at the top of the window. At the halfway point, another rod is installed, from which hangs a pair of curtains half the length of the window. This style is popular in urban areas, as the valance leaves the top part of the window glass uncovered, letting in light and air, while the bottom half of the window remains covered as long as the curtains are closed, providing privacy to the occupants.


Priscilla-style curtains have ruffles along their edges. The panels, hung in pairs, are fastened to the window frame with decorative tie backs about halfway up from the bottom. They are usually topped with a balloon-type, ruffled valance. Priscilla kitchen curtain designs evoke a romantic and nostalgic feeling in your kitchen.

Side Panel

A more modern style of kitchen curtain is the simple side panel. These curtains are made of two panels, one hung on each side of the window from a rod installed at the top of the window. Each panel is only a fraction of the width of the window. Side panel curtains are not designed to cover the window but to frame it. The glass will always be exposed, and the kitchen curtain designs do not block the view through the glass.

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