kitchen light fixtures ideas

Kitchen lights are designed to provide light for cooking and often for eating, as well. One of the most common types of kitchen light fixtures ideas is the pendant design, where lights are hung in simple pendant assemblies. Other kitchens use more muted forms of lighting, backed up by under-cabinet lights for better visibility. With a little planning, you should be able to match your kitchen light fixtures to your kitchen design and style.

kitchen light fixtures ideas

Pendant Lighting with a Twist

While pendant lighting is common, you can make your kitchen pendant lights stand out by arranging them in unusual patterns. Try creating a row of pendant lights that are separated by unequal distances. If you have the room, you can also move pendant lights out of a row pattern and put them in a zigzag, L shape, or other design.

Pendant Lighting with a Twist

Cable-Based Lighting

Cable-based lighting uses strong cables to hold up several different types of light fixtures, especially spot lighting, in a running kitchen light fixtures ideas The lights can be arranged on the cable in different ways, so you can customize the lights however you want. The cable design is very attractive in a contemporary kitchen where minimalistic wire lighting will match well.

Mismatched Lighting

In older houses, kitchens were often made by combining other rooms as different housing sections were developed and more modern kitchen appliances were added. As a result, these kitchens often have several different sources of lighting, usually divided into specific areas. This type of lighting, using old-fashioned Victorian fixtures, has become a style itself. Use this quaint mismatched lighting for a highly traditional kitchen that you want to look authentic.

kitche Mismatched Lighting

Recessed Lighting

Use recessed lighting if you want dimmer, less obvious lighting that will not clash with the rest of the kitchen style. If you have awkward kitchen ceiling dimensions or high kitchen walls, recessed lighting may be your best bet for successfully lighting the entire area. You can supplement the recessed lights with under-cabinet fluorescent lighting for added visibility on the counters.

Specialty Styles

Kitchen light fixtures come in many different styles, so you can usually find a style that matches your own tastes. If you want a bar feel, choose high metallic restaurant light. If you have a French kitchen, use a French lantern light. Try ironwork lighting for a vintage Italian kitchen or simple wall sconces for a clean, minimalistic kitchen light fixtures ideas.

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