Kitchen Lighting Design

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Todays kitchen lighting design provides for decorative lighting, recessed lighting and accent lighting. Your kitchen lighting design should provide adequate lighting so that you can perform daily functions in areas where most of the work is done, for example the island or at the counter. Shopping online can help you find a great selection of kitchen lighting for your home improvement project, or where to locate kitchen lighting contractors to install your new kitchen lighting.

The kitchen today is the busiest room in the house and kitchen lighting is probably the most important element in kitchen interior design.

Since the kitchen is now being used as a home office, a homework area for children as well as a gathering area for friends and family good kitchen track lighting is very important. The right kitchen lighting is able to create just the right atmosphere for entertaining.

Selecting just the right kitchen lighting can be a simple process. You first need to identify the main areas of the kitchen that need sufficient lighting. With specific tasks over the range or cook top, you can use an energy efficient fluorescent tube along with a standard range fan, or a recessed down light in the general area of the stove. One or two track lights over the sink area can provide the correct amount of illumination that would be needed for washing dishes and scouring pots and pans.

For the sink, and countertops a combination of track or recessed lighting, and under cabinet lighting will be to achieve best results in lighting up the countertop and creating a work area that is well lit and free of shadows. Mount the lights as close to the back of the cabinets as possible to avoid creating glare and off the work surfaces. Try to select energy-efficient fluorescent fixtures that will cover at least two-thirds of the of the counter’s length.

For the breakfast area a good overhead light is useful since this area is also frequently used for reading. For more kitchen lighting ideas you can consider such lighting systems as chandeliers to high-tech flexible track lighting with decorative pendants. With a dimmer switch these ceiling-hung fixtures will produce adequate task lighting for family activities. You can also lower the light for entertaining.

When considering kitchen lighting design it is important to create muliple layers of lighting including ambient lighting, accent lighting as well as decorative lighting.


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