kitchen lighting placement

The kitchen lighting placement you decide to have in your kitchen can make a very big deal in terms of atmosphere. Kitchen lighting can also help your kitchen run more efficiently by lighting up key task areas. People who enjoy cooking, for example, will need more bright lighting around areas like the oven and countertops where chopping and other preparation might take place. Dim lighting at the kitchen table is nice for romantic meals but won’t work if you have kids who will be working there to do their homework. Considering your individual needs will help you determine where to put kitchen lighting.

kitchen lighting placement

Place a light over the center of your kitchen table if the table is used for more than just eating or if you have kids. One large center light is generally easy to install and maintain. A light with a dimmer switch can help you create multiple atmospheres, such as a romantic ambiance or a task-oriented environments, with bright lighting for writing, drawing or projects.

Use kitchen lighting placement of recessed lighting if you want less intrusive lighting in your kitchen. If you place recessed lighting at least 30 inches away from the wall, it can be just as bright as the center light over your kitchen table. Recessed lighting works well to generally light up the kitchen for when you’re getting a snack or socializing, rather than preparing meals or completing other projects.

Install under-cabinet light fixtures underneath your cabinets and above your countertops for extra task lighting if you use these areas for preparing meals. These lights can make cooking and other kitchen tasks much easier. For additional light, place the fixtures near the front end of the cabinet.

Place light fixtures above areas like your sink and oven if you do a lot of cooking and baking. These areas are generally used while preparing meals, and the extra light will make tasks easier and safer.

Put lights above your cabinets if you have a low ceiling. This will create a look of a larger space for your kitchen and can make smaller kitchens appear much larger. If you would like a more sophisticated atmosphere, this kitchen lighting placement will also create that type of look.

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