kitchen paint colors

Colors can affect the mood of the room so that people feel comfortable while being there. It is especially kitchen paint colors to make you always in the mood of work while in the kitchen. For the kitchen, the kitchen paint colors should be adjusted with the color of another room in the house. The color should be that could make residents relax, feel inspired and spirited.

kitchen paint colors

Here are four color choices for your kitchen paint colors:

1. Warm Colors
Warm colors are usually used on the walls that is not too wide. Examples of warm colors is red. But do not use only red because the color is too much can cause feelings of fatigue. To make it softer, mix colors with white or brown. In addition to red, orange and yellow also include a warm color. Warm colors are perfect for kitchens with traditional designs like the country style. For kitchens with modern design, use a lighter color.

2. Cold Colors
Blue and green colors naturally can bring feelings of relaxation when applied in the kitchen area. Cool colors are also suitable to be applied both in the kitchen with traditional or modern designs. Cool colors are much brighter can be applied to kitchen appliances such as timber. While the cold, dark colors, like blue and dark green, should be contrasted with a little red or white, so as not to make residents less eager.

3. Neutral Colors
Paint the kitchen with neutral color does not means making your kitchen becomes boring. Using colors like brown, gray or white can make it easy to play and mix with other colors. For example, with less use of red or other bright colors to make the kitchen more colorful.

4. Mixed Colors
In the kitchen, chances are there more than one wall, and certainly not all wall should have the same kitchen paint colors. Use a mix of colors to create a dynamic atmosphere. Apply a warm color like red or yellow as accent on the wall and paint the remaining walls with white or nude colors.

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