Kitchen Pantry Shelving

Just like any other room in the home, the kitchen pantry shelving deserves some tender loving care when it comes to clutter control and organization. Whether your space is big or small, with some creativity, kitchen pantry organization can be a breeze. Some shelving ideas to use kitchen pantry shelving help make your pantry one of your favorite spots in the house.

kitchen pantry shelving

Get Wired

Use good old fashioned wire shelving (found at most hardware stores) for your Kitchen Pantry Shelving. Simple to install and extremely functional, wire shelving is a sturdy option for kitchen pantries. For a less permanent option, look into wheeled wire kitchen pantry shelving units, and place two of them side by side if space allows.

Go Laminated

Create a laminated closet organizer for the kitchen pantry shelving just as you would for a bedroom closet. Incorporate shelves, drawers and pull-out wire baskets.


Cut strips of wood (approximately 3 inches by the size of the width of kitchen pantry shelving), and attach them to the left and right interior walls of the kitchen pantry shelving to act as shelf brackets. Cut wood shelves as deep as space allows to the width of the pantry, and place them on the shelf brackets.

Incorporate Spice Racks

Use the inside of the kitchen pantry shelving door to install a vertical metal strip that holds narrow metal racks used for spices, oils, salad dressings, and other small pantry items.

Go Floor to Ceiling

The best way to maximize storage space in any room is to go vertical from floor to ceiling. Whatever kitchen pantry shelving option you choose, be sure the shelving covers the entire kitchen pantry shelving space. Use the top shelves to store extra bulky items.

Utilize Storage Containers

Once the kitchen pantry shelving is in place, purchase clear lidded containers to store things like cereal and pasta. Use plastic containers or wicker baskets for dry goods, and keep like items together. Utilize tiered turntables in kitchen pantry shelving for canned goods.


Source: Kitchen Pantry Shelving Ideas by E-How

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