kitchen retro curtains

kitchen retro curtains

kitchen retro curtains décor is sassy and stylish. This type of décor style encompasses many different decades. “Vintage” and “retro” can refer to design styles from any decade of the past. Whether you fancy the earthy colors from the 1970s or the more dressed-up curtains of the 1960s, incorporating the retro touch in the form of kitchen curtains in your kitchen will make a statement.

kitchen retro curtains


The 1970s is the time of floral patterns and colors that are earthy and reminiscent of nature. This groovy style is perfect for kitchen retro curtains. Try hanging full-window curtains or café curtains with a white or light green background in your kitchen The pattern should show off large orange, brown and hunter green flowers. Add interest by putting orange tassels on the end of the curtains.


A whimsical and retro curtain idea for your kitchen windows is white café curtains with cherries on them. Café curtains do not provide complete privacy, as they have a valance on the top and then a small curtain that hangs from the middle of the window down to cover the rest of the window. Instead, these curtains only cover about three-quarters of the window.


Another bright and retro classic kitchen design, if you have a large kitchen window, is bold orange panel kitchen retro curtains with cream trim. A valance on top completes the look. To incorporate more of a retro touch, consider using a plush or velvet fabric.


For a large kitchen window, use sheer, white café curtains. The curtains will hang lower from the window than standard café curtains with some window space left at the top. Over the kitchen window, add sheer drapery that is pulled back to the sides. This is a dressy and glamorous retro look for your kitchen.


Use a vintage patterned tablecloth on a kitchen window. A nice touch is if the tablecloth has small pom-poms on the end of it. Adjust the tablecloth so that it fits the parameters of your window, whether that means cutting and sewing it or just folding it. Arrange the kitchen retro curtains so that the tablecloth hangs down over the window as a scarf would.

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