Kitchen sink cabinet choosing tips

Kitchen sink is one of the most durable used furniture at your house. The kitchen sink usually installed in a kitchen cabinet. The sink is often not only used to wash the food or hands, but the dishes to. Therefor, the Kitchen sink cabinet have to have a strong material so it can handle the sink and the load of it.There are several requirements for the kitchen cabinet that going to be used to installed the kitchen sink. It has to be wide enough so it can held the sink. The cabinet under the sink is usually wide too, but it is depend on the depth of your kitchen sink.
Kitchen sink cabinet
The height of the Kitchen sink cabinet is also an importand consideration. The regular cabinet usually have 36 inches height, but if you find it not too comfortable to used, you can have a custom cabinet according with your height. Give a toe space about 4 inches above the floor so it will be easy to moved and cleaned. The thickness of the countertop is usually between 1 or 2 inches, but it depends on your kitchen sink material. The heavier it is, the more thickness you will need. Dont choose a cabinet with awide door, because the door cabinet which wider than 24 inches are hard to swing.

If you done choosing the functional matters, it is time to choose the right design. A kitchen sink cabinet should match with the other interior of the kitchen. But you still have to remember if the design has enough space for the garbage disposal. Choose a water resistant material so that your kitchen sink cabinet can be used for a long time. You should match the color of the cabinet and the countertop. Having a safe color can be useful, try to searching for a pale natural colored cabinet to have the traditional look.

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