Kitchen Table

Built a Kitchen Table is a great project to do on the weekend. This table is suitable for small room experience and limited tolls access. You just need a creative idea and a bit of carpentry skills you can built a beautiful table that will last generations. This table describe here approximately 6 feet by 4 feet and 36 inches height. Personalize the table by using special material by selecting hardwood that matches to the style of your room and your budget.

Kitchen Table

White pine wood is a versatile and expensive hard wood that can be stained light or dark color to match with the theme do you want. Clear white pine is a bit more expensive, but free of knots. Purchase the wood at a local lumber yard or home improvement store. Select nine 2-by-4 boards for the Kitchen Table top. Choose each piece individually. Look down the length of the board, making sure it is straight. Buy 6-foot-long boards and skip having to cut them to fit.

Put the Kitchen Table top on the flat surface, parallel to one another. Determine the most attractive surface to be the top of table. Cut the 12-foot-long 2-by-4 board into three equal pieces. These boards will hold your table top together from the bottom. Lay these cross-boards across your table top boards and screw them together with wood screws. Make sure there are no gaps.

Sand the entire surface by using sand paper, until smooth and ready to stain. Wipe all the dust from surface by a wet cloth. Let it fully dry. After that, the wood table ready to stain. Varnish all of surface by brush an even coat. Let the varnish dry for the recommended amount of time. If the first coat not enough, stain the second coat line until the desired finish is achieved.

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