kitchen tiles for walls and floors

decorative hand painted kitchen tiles for walls and floors can give your cooking space a different atmosphere. It also makes the kitchen a nice place to cook if you want to help your wife in cooking.

Renovate your cooking area on the garden theme so that your wife doesn’t need to see drab walls when preparing meal. It is very irritating to see dull walls and floor when you are doing a tedious job like cutting or chopping raw food. Colorful walls can take away the stress of cooking from your body and mind and for this reason you should consider renovating your cooking area with attractive kitchen tiles like ceramic slabs, majestic white marble, travertine and granite. A wide variety of slabs is available in the market and you won’t find any hassle in selecting the right flooring for your home.

kitchen tiles for walls and floors

There are many advantages of renovating the cooking area with kitchen tiles for walls and floors. The main benefit of tiling the floor and walls is that the slabs will make the cooking area germ free. Slabs display high resilience towards moisture, dust, dirt and grime. They won’t let the moisture, soil, spices and minor food particles to set on the floor and make it a germ breeding ground. Housewives inadvertently spill food pieces, spices and oil on the floor when preparing meal. One can’t stop food particles from falling on the ground but one can make one’s floor spill proof by installing slabs on the floor.

You need not to spend a lot of money in buying kitchen tiles as there are slabs that are beautiful, durable and cost effective. Homeowners with budget constraints should select ceramic slabs that are in no way inferior to marble, granite or any other flooring. If you are willing to spend some extra dollars then go for granite flooring. kitchen tiles for walls and floors from marble slabs can also be a better choice but marble being a porous stone can absorb moisture and thus make the cooking area look dirty.

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