laminate kitchen countertops

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laminate kitchen countertops is the right choice if you are looking for a reasonably priced countertops for your kitchen. A high-quality laminate countertop will last for several years, even decades. Durability depends upon how well you maintain the countertop.

The most important producers of laminate were Pionite brand, Wilsonart, and Nevemar. Normally, Pionite and Wilsonart were same in price and Nevemar is somewhat higher. Due to this Nevemar argue that the finish on their laminate is finer than their contestants and will not scuff as easily.

laminate kitchen countertops

Here are some things you should not do to your laminate kitchen countertops:

  • Do not slice anything on laminate kitchen countertops. Always use a bread board.
  • Do not place hot items on laminate kitchen countertops. This will burn and thaw out the laminate.
  • Do not prefer a gloss laminate for your kitchen. Gloss laminate is more costly and scrape very easily. A small key if fallen down accidentally can scratch your laminate countertop.
  • If you are using bevel edging, do not put down your soaked dish towel over the laminate. This will make your bevel to pull away from the top, if you did this frequently.
  • Don’t leave a hot pot directly on your laminate countertops. This will make the laminate burn and finally crack. The only remedy after crack is to totally restore the top.

And these are the treatment for laminate kitchen countertops:

  • After built-up the laminate kitchen countertops, you can apply finger nail polish remover, denatured alcohol, or lacquer thinner for taking away the adhesive dots which is left on.
  • Some chemicals which are not resistant laminate countertop possibly will impair your countertop. In general, some hairsprays, perfumes and harsh cleaners can damage the color of your laminate.
  • Clean your countertop (particularly in restroom) if you suppose that you may be throbbing it.
  • Order light colored countertops, which have a slight pattern. If you have a light colored countertop, you would not be aware of the scratches in it. Because the bottom area of laminate is white in color. If you buy a patterned top, the scratches are not noticeable.
  • Ensure that all the sharp corners of the laminate kitchen countertops are filed in to arc shape. There are a lot of chances for smacking into sharp corners of the cabinets.


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