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Mexican Copper Sink

June 4th, 2011 by admin remodeling kitchen in Kitchen Furniture

There are many mexican copper sink manufacturer who can provide you with costume made copper sink. If you want the have the warmth and unique kitchen design, then add mexican copper sink to your kitchen. Custom crafted mexican copper sinks come in a wide range of shapes and design that suitable for the kitchen, bath, or bar. Kitchens are nowadays incorporated into larger living areas where family and guests gather, and a beautifully hand crafted copper kitchen sink can be the center focus of the room.

mexican copper sink

There are three basic designs of Mexican Copper Sink style which are top-mounted, under-counter mounted, and vessel style sinks that sit on top of the cabinet. The most common style of Mexican copper sink for the kitchen is a copper farm sink, sometimes called a copper apron sink or a copper farmhouse sink, has a large front plate that is exposed; this type can either be undermounted or top mounted. The front plate makes this style quite distinct; it is available either plain or embossed.

You can also find hammered copper sinks with either a single, double or even sometimes a triple basin. Mexican copper sink are more common as smaller sinks, like those used in the bathroom. These smaller bath sinks may be oval or round, patterned or plain, and drop-in or under-mounted. The popularity of vessel sinks makes copper a perfect choice. Mounting above the cabinet creates a stunning look and highlights the handcrafted copper vessel sink. What really makes a Mexican copper sink distinct is the handcrafted designs, finish and in some cases the decoration of it. A bright copper sink is generally lacquered, and over time the lacquer will wear off. In order to maintain the bright look once the lacquer is worn, specially made copper polish should be used. Waxed finishes require regular maintenance with wax to preserve the finish.

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