orange kitchen design

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The warmth will create a feeling of comfort. Orange can provide warmth into the house so that you feel at home in it. Here is how to provide warmth in the house with orange kitchen design.

Enter nature into the home
Fruits and vegetables will provide a beautiful decoration in the middle of the table. Use orange colored fruits and vegetables on the decorations, such as carrots and pumpkins. Add the fruit with red and yellow, like apples and lemon to enhance your table. In addition to fruits and vegetables, you can also put an orange flower in the middle of the table.

orange kitchen design

Add the seasonings in the kitchen
The warmth of the kitchen is very important to give encouragement when cooking. Oranges can enhance the imagination. Therefore lay it on some parts of the orange kitchen design. But if you want to remain neutral atmosphere of the kitchen, then lay it on the orange color of the lighting and seating only.

Orange trigger creativity
Not only provide warmth, orange also stimulates the eye and the brain becomes more active and creative. Use the orange color in places that require creativity and energy to work. Room that allows the workspace, space crafts and children’s playroom.

If the orange kitchen design combined with hot pink, then the impression of ‘funky’ will be felt in the room and is suitable for your daughter. As for boys, merging the color orange with black, blue or purple would give the impression of a classic such as basic color athletic sports teams who liked them.

Enter the feel of a tropical
In the rainy season, it is usually cold air into the room so the warmth is needed. Therefore, put the tropical feel of the house by playing rumangan room colors and accessories like pillows with orange color. Merger orange kitchen design with yellow and blue will bring the tropical atmosphere into the house so bring warmth.

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