Organize Kitchen Pantry

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Kitchen and pantry area that are placed closely together will facilitate the circulation in the preparation and presentation of food. Here are some tips to help you to organize kitchen pantry.

First you need to empty pantry shelves of all items by moving everything into boxes or onto a nearby countertop.  Clean the pantry shelves and wipe dry with a towel. Plan pantry use by categorizing into prime and non-prime storage. If possible, prime storage at eye level should be for the most often-used items. Further categorize storage by item. For example, use one shelf for baking items, another for tomato canned goods and another for pasta and rice.

Mark these categorized shelves with post-it notes denoting the contents. Begin to fill the pantry by placing items on the appropriate shelves. Make two lists to organize kitchen pantry as you work. One will be a grocery shopping list for items you need. The other will be ideas for containers, trays or extra shelves to make your pantry more useful. Place small items (such as mixes) into a small box or plastic container to keep them together. Designate a lower shelf for paper storage and place all napkins, paper towels and plates together. Keep some heavy items, such as soda bottles, on the floor or on a lower shelf.

Don’t confuse storage space with the reality of the pantry principle. Certainly, it’s helpful to have designated cabinet space for pantry goods–but that’s not the pantry. To organize Kitchen Pantry well, you need to think of the pantry as a reservoir of consumable goods which may be stored in any area of the home.

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