outdoor kitchen fireplace

Adding an outdoor kitchen fireplace to your patio space gives you more room for entertaining your friends. In addition to kitchen equipment, you may want to add an outdoor fireplace to provide a focal point for your conversation area. An outdoor fireplace also allows you to extend the number of days you can utilize the outdoor patio by adding a heat source.

outdoor kitchen fireplace

Each municipality has rules and regulations regarding outdoor fireplaces. For example, Orange County, California, requires that fireplaces meet building codes if they are more than 6 foot tall. Spark arresters must be in place and a licensed plumber must install the gas line for a gas fireplace. The outdoor kitchen fireplace must set well inside the property line.
Consideration for the prevailing direction of the wind is important as you plan the outdoor patio and the placement of the fireplace. You don’t want smoke blowing onto your family and guests as you sit on the patio and you don’t want the smoke blowing onto your neighbor’s property every time you use the outdoor fireplace. Plan where you want your seating to be so you can create focal points on the patio.

While you may not want the outdoor kitchen equipment to be the center of attention, you may want the fireplace to be. Your seating doesn’t necessarily have to face away from your house. Whatever arrangement you decide you like, allow as much room as possible in your outdoor patio area.
Your outdoor kitchen needs something that you can prepare food on. In most cases, a barbecue grill serves as the main cooktop in an outdoor kitchen. Many grills cook with propane gas tanks but you can find models that run on natural gas. Electric grills are available and charcoal is another option. In most cases, the main grill often has one or two side burners on which you may cook items in pots and pans.

To make it easier to prepare food, a countertop is helpful. Built-in storage gives you a place to keep your cooking utensils handy. A more elaborate outdoor kitchen fireplace may have a sink and mini refrigerator as well.

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