outdoor kitchen plans

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One very popular use of outdoor space is to create outdoor kitchen plans. Decide whether your outdoor kitchen will be the focal point or simply an accessory of your deck or patio. Take into consideration how much you’ll use the kitchen, the quantity and type of space available and if you want a fully functional outdoor kitchen, only a grill or something in between. There are many ways to design the space outside to fit into your lifestyle, taste and budget. Here are some suggestions to help you plan to build an outdoor kitchen.

outdoor kitchen plans

First it is important to decide what will fit into the area you have to use and what kind of budget you are willing to invest in outdoor kitchen plans. You can make an outdoor kitchen simply by adding some basic furniture to a patio and arranging a portable barbecue in a convenient location. By stacking blocks, you can set up containing walls and make them look expensive by parking large potted plants at the ends of the walls. With some thoughtful planning, you can build a budget outdoor kitchen that looks pricey and allows you to entertain on your patio as if you spent more.
Minimize the distance between your indoor kitchen and the planned outdoor one. Usually both are used at the same time to varying degrees, so having them in proximity will increase the usefulness of both. A shelf below a sliding window can make both kitchens more functional.
Keep the size of the group you’ll be entertaining in mind when generating design ideas.
Design the kitchen to fit your climate. Wherever winter temperatures typically dip below freezing, all outdoor plumbing will need winterizing. If you live near the ocean, stainless steel will resist the corroding effects of salt-laden air. Where summers are hot, the cook and diners will all need to have shade.

Choose equipment to match your cooking style. Many gaspowered grills include side burners that allow for frying, boiling and saute’ing. Another popular outdoor cooking option is a wood-fired oven for breads, pizza and roasts. Choose materials wisely and plan for cleaning and tool storage.
Check to see if utilities such as plumbing, gas and electricity are accessible at or near the desired area of the outdoor kitchen. Each can be moved or installed, but easy availability of one or the other might determine subsequent choices.
Determine how much of the new outdoor kitchen plans you can build yourself and how much expert help you’ll need. Usually it’s a question of time, experience and tools balanced against dollars. With more of the first three, you can save on the latter, and vice versa.


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