Pub Style Dining Room Table

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Create a pub atmosphere in your kitchen with pub style dining room table. Windsome Wood offers a dining table with great quality and affordable price. Its a simple round pub table for your kitchen. With this pub style dining room table you can have your own minibar in your house. It looks very high end quality heavy stand made well and looks top of the line. This pub style dining room table is well constructed and easy to clean. Top comes off easily for storage but is totally stable when it’s on.

Pub Style Dining Room Table

The table top of this pub style dining room table is solid. Collects and shows fingerprints and food grime very easily. Not sure how the top will look aesthetically in six months. Again a solid chuck of wood that should hold up structurally.  The leg to top connection – Snug fit. You attach a connecting cup to the table top. The cup and screws are appropriately sized and when tightened form a solid connection. I was pleasantly surprised by the thickness of the metal and the quality of the screws. The leg itself it very thick/heavy and has a nice chrome shine to it. The leg may be detached from the top via the connecting piece by simply pulling the two pieces apart.

As a whole the base of this pub style dining room table is solid and also has that nice reflective chrome look. The leg slides snugly into the base piece and may be simply pulled to separate. To be concluded, this is a very nice pub style dining room table for the price. The individual pieces are solid. Assembly time was negligible. The price was right. Without the defect with the base this table was an easy 5. I would buy this table again but would return it for a non-defective one in the future.

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