Refacing Kitchen Cabinets Cost

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There are several things to consider in deciding the refacing kitchen cabinets cost such as materials, styles, and designs. You can do it yourself or hire a cabinet refacing contractor. The refacing kitchen cabinets cost when you do it yourself is cheaper but requires a lot of time and energy. Here are some of the budgeting tips taken from E-how in refacing kitchen cabinets cost:

refacing kitchen cabinets cost

The refacing kitchen cabinets cost may come in significantly less than new kitchen cabinets, which can range from $4,000 to $20,000, depending on whether you select stock or custom-made cabinets.


The refacing kitchen cabinets cost depends of the type of material you choose. According to the This Old House website, the most common choices are rigid thermofoil (RTF), pressure-molded vinyl over medium density fiberboard, and plastic laminates, any of which can cost $1,000 to $3,000. Wood veneer cabinet refacing usually costs $2,500 to $6,000, but can cost as much as $9,000.


The cost should include removal of the door and drawer fronts, and then adding new laminate facing, door and drawer fronts, and the hardware. If the new doors and drawers are a different color, painting or staining of the existing cabinetry or covering it with a matching veneer should also be included. The job usually takes two to four days. You may cut costs by purchasing materials from a home improvement store and doing the job yourself.


It may not make sense to spend the money refacing the kitchen cabinets if the kitchen layout isn’t good. You will still be stuck with a kitchen that does not function well. If the cabinets are falling apart or even if the floors in the kitchen have settled and left the cabinet boxes sagging, you may find it advantageous to purchase new cabinets than wasting money on refacing kitchen cabinets cost.

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