rival crock pot lid

How to secure rival crock pot lid

The rival crock pot lid has come a long way from its origin as a bean cooker. Several decades later, the Crock-Pots of today meet different venue needs, including portable and mini-buffet. The Crock-Pot contains an electric heating device along with a special lining to distribute heat evenly through the pot contents and over a long period of time. As with any heated cooking device, safety is an important consideration and if you’re transporting your Crock-Pot culinary creation, securing the lid successfully becomes paramount to avoiding a mess, losing your food and burning yourself.

rival crock pot lid

Put on your oven mitt and grab hold of the round rival crock pot lid safety handle. Skip the oven mitt if Crock-Pot is turned off. Lower the lid by the safety handle onto the Crock-Pot opening. The heavy lid weight makes additional clips or security locks unnecessary. Turn lid handle to confirm a secure fit over the open Crock-Pot. Tear a six-inch strip of packing tape and apply it with both hands to the side of the lid. The center of the tape strip should cover the lid edge before going down and sticking to the sides of the Crock-Pot.
Press the tape firmly over the lid and along the pot edges to ensure its security. Repeat steps four and five around the lid four times so you secure each side equally well. Insert your taped rival crock pot lid into a box and line the edges of the box with towels until you nestle the Crock-Pot sufficiently to inhibit mobility.

Wait until the lid cools before applying the packing tape; otherwise the steam will loosen it during transit. Never leave the lid partially closed as this can cause boiling over and burning steam evaporation. Prevent dangerous spilling over by keeping your ingredients at least two inches below the secured rival crock pot lid.

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