Sink Maintenance Tips

Sink is a furniture that is always present in every kitchen. Because often exposed to water and various impurities, the sink is often look unattractive. Moreover, if users are reluctant to treat these tanks. Thus, it is clear that the sink needs to be treated.
Here are some sink maintenance tips that you can do yourself:

Here is the general sink maintenance: rinse the sink with clean water warm then, dry with a soft and clean cloth. If your sink is made of aluminum, a combination of lemon and baking soda can play an important role to clean. Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with half a glass of lime juice and flush them to the sink. After several minutes, scrub the sink with foam. Flush clean water for rinsing. Dry the sink with a clean cloth. For the ceramic sink, try to always wipe it to dry after use. Brush ceramic sink with toothpaste to keep it shiny.

If you want to do sink maintenance using chemicals compunds, it is worth testing first. Use the material for the hidden spot in the sink. When the drain in the sink clogged, It is quite easy to deal with. You just need to fill sink with water. Then, put two tablespoons of caustic soda into the water. After about half an hour, the dirt in the line will dissolve by itself. And do not forget to rinse the sink with clean water so that the caustic soda is completely removed from the sink.

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