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Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Spaces – With nowadays small spaces for living like compact apartments and small studios, we end up needing more practical solutions and smart tricks to save space whenever possible. The small kitchen is definitely an important part in every home, even though you are now living in a studio you enjoying the full kitchen, the cleverness is usually to install this full kitchen without occupying but a minimalist space. This is exactly why we present to you this number of compact kitchen designs that may help you with your choice . The 1st model is designed by German designers Kristin Laass and Norman Ebelt, it seems just like a small home nevertheless it contains all essentials tools of the kitchen; oven, refrigerator, drawers & storage places. All of this is integrated while using nice home and can be hidden under it.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Spaces

The next Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Spaces which is called “Circle┬« Kitchen” is yet another functional idea by Compact Concepts, the place where a fully equipped kitchen is positioned in a space of only 1.8 square meters. The principle concept of this design is always that it’s completely rotating because of its circular design. That is allow it to be more practical as it provide larger depth in a small space; your kitchen is equipped with a sink, a stove, a dishwasher, a microwave, a refrigerator along with numerous avenues for storage, Your kitchen could be completely protected by 2 hidden circular doors. Furthermore this model looks very stylish and contemporary; it’s for sale in many attractive colors including red, oak, brown and other colors. Another model is “Carre” developed by Robert Schierjott and Ulrich Kohl which occupies only one square meter with a very minimalist design and cubic shape, it is consisting of many cubic units that could be transformed within 6 various forms in to a large cooking space made up of all kitchen stuff including stove, sink, and lots of self storage.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Spaces

“Kitchen Studio”Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Spaces is an interesting design by Fendi Casa as it’s really not a smart compact design but additionally a very elegant and luxurious one. What makes this stylish and luxurious look could be the usage of steel and fine glass elements, also the elegant external doors with glossy dark color. The kitchen is taking merely a amount of 246 cm, however it’s fully built with modern kitchen tools including, stove, microwave, coffee machine, dishwasher not to mention sink, refrigerator and drawers. A lot of modular kitchen designs are presented in this post; all are according to the functionality of transformable units, because of their compact designs and fashionable looks, any of those models can be simply integrated using your really small interior.

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