Small kitchen design to space up your kitchen

You dont have to worry if you have a small kitchen at your house. There are plenty of Small kitchen design that avaiable. First thing to remember is to avoid big furnitures. Choose a tall but narrow cabinet instead of a wide and low one. Buy the cabinet that reach the ceiling if its avaiable. It will maximize your storage area. You can have black or dark brown furnitures, but make sure that the surface is in pale colour like white or cremme. You can also merge the function of your cooking surface with the dining table.
small kitchen design ideas
A big window can be useful for the Small kitchen design. If it possible, having the kitchen separated by glass wall from the other room will help. It will be great if your kitchen is next to the backyard.It is open up the kitchen and make it look spacious. If its not possible, you can faking the space by having it reflected from a mirror. You can also create the reflecting effect by have furnitures that made of glossy material, like the stainless steel. You can choose a reflected flooring too. It will makes your kitchen looks spacious and inviting. The colour of your kitchen plays important role too. You better to have a pale color for the wall to make it look spacious.

To have a more attractive Small kitchen design , you can add decorative items to your kitchen. But you have to keep in mind that you want empty spaces as much as possible. One thing to do is to maximize the space on the wall. You can have paintings, or make a simple shelves to put your items. The shelves can also be used to store the cooking books. Open shelves will make a small kitchen look more open.

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