Small kitchen with partition

A functional kitchen in a small space can be a difficult task, but not impossible, in this little guide on how to develop a functioning Small kitchen with partition, a small kitchen appliance, by arranging furniture and clever use of the kitchen storage
You have a small studio, but you can not give up cooking. A small space, the harder it is to think of a functioning kitchen, but still need to install a maximum of items in a Small kitchen with partition.
small kitchen with bar
You must first decide to shoot down a wall mounted bar. The kitchen is often suitable for a small kitchenette that we get the brightness and room to move at the same time to create a real dining. If the place is really missing, you can also consider installing the kitchen hallway.

Elements embedded in the
This is not because you have a Small kitchen with partition, where you have to do without a large cooking appliances such as refrigerator and stove, which are often cumbersome and is the most functional elements of the kitchen. You have to find a compact kitchen furniture manufacturers, or the combined components. For example, consider installing a double hot plate on top of a small refrigerator. Depending on the water, creeks is installed over the sink and a washing machine or dishwasher. Storage elements are placed vertically, so that these open shelf to install a microwave oven. According to the budget, you can place a microwave oven, which combines a functional oven.

Folding work
All can not afford a custom Small kitchen with partition. If you have an empty wall in your kitchen, you can request a pull-out work surface, which also serves as a dining table. Place a long board to fall back against the wall and the hinge, so that you can rely on when not in use. Enter a minimum height of 75cm. If you’re going to eat, plan a width of 60 cm for each coverage. Buy folding or stacking chairs are also a good idea to save Small kitchen with partition when not in use.

Replace the sliding door panel
The door is opened and closed space. You can save space by installing a sliding or folding doors instead of the traditional wooden doors. If you are going to redo the kitchen later to think of a retractable door (so-called brick partition) within the section. Frame the doors slid inside the metal box, which is hidden inside the wall. If only organize your kitchen, you can slide to exist without the hard work. The panel will slide along a wall along the railway. In addition, there are all kinds in all subjects in all colors and price ranges. Leaves glass may allow the flow of light and create a new piece of the room, which originally did not have windows.

Install the rails interruptions
Not to multiply small furniture, you can install the support rails or rods, hanging in the kitchen. Hooks hang from the bar to hang pots and pans or jars that can hold accessories such as corkscrews. Some of the bars are to keep magnetic spice jars or knives. Lines are above the stove or in the level of work. You win the place and all you need is conveniently at hand.

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