spice storage containers

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Types of spice storage containers

When spice bottles threaten to take over your kitchen drawers or cabinets, an elegant spice storage containers solution can reduce clutter and complement the design of the room. Look for storage options that use the colors and textures of the spices to enhance the atmosphere of the room and usability of the storage system.

spice storage containers

Test Tubes

For an unexpected spice storage containers system, use test tubes and a test tube holder. In each tube, put one type of spice and close the top with a cork stopper; write the name of the spice on the top of the cork or label the side of the tube. Place the completed assembly on the counter where it can double as a piece of decor. You can buy a set of tubes that are designed to hold spices at kitchen supply stores, or make your own using a set from a thrift store; clean and dry each test tube thoroughly before filling with spices.
Tins and Shelves

For an enclosed spice storage system that enables easy access to each spice, use tins and shelves. Look for small tins that are approximately 3 or 4 inches across; find tins with twist-on lids so that the spices will be secure in case of a fall. Label each tin on the outside, and place the group on a small shelving unit. You might also use a section of an old card catalog and place one tin in each section, or build a small wooden grid with a space for each tin.

Wall Storage

When you are lacking counter space, use the wall for spice storage containers. Look for a rack that holds small glass cylinders with clear, removable lids. Store the containers with the top of the lid facing out so that the colors and textures of the spices show through. This type of storage is particularly effective in a small space, and the spice rack will double as a piece of art. Use sturdy screws to mount the rack, and and look for a rack that is designed to hold the containers securely in place. For a similar system, you can install heavy-duty magnetic strips on the wall and use them to hold metal containers with clear lids.

Under-Cabinet Storage

If you have limited counter space, use the area under the cabinets to storage spices. Install a simple shelf under the front edge of the cabinet using lightweight wood or metal. Find small containers that will fit in the space, and store them in a single row on the shelf. The spice storage containers will be easy to reach when cooking and will add depth and texture to the space.

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