The Perfect Kitchen Colours to Match Your Lifestyle

The kitchen is the hub of all activity in the house. It is the central point and often the most used room in the home. Whether you are a student having constant parties, young professionals sipping apple martinis at the breakfast bar, parents ensuring that that your children are well nourished or an older couple baking cakes and bread, it all happens right there in the kitchen.

So if this is the most important room of the house, it needs to feel like it. The decor that you choose for your kitchen is all important. Whilst retaining the character of the property, it also needs to reflect your personality as well as being in keeping with your circumstances.

So, what are the perfect kitchen colours for you? Take a look at the following guide.

The Red Kitchen

If you are young, bold and carefree, you want a kitchen to match. Parties for younger people and students centre around the kitchen. That’s where you will find the gossipers congregating and it’s also the best place for flirting. Students want a low maintenance kitchen that is contemporary and makes a statement, without them having to put in too much effort. One of the great ways to do this is simply to paint feature walls scarlet red. Purchase red crockery and glasses, put these on display to complement the feature wall and the results are striking. Young party goers will be impressed and want to spend all their time in this stylish kitchen.

The Black Kitchen

Once you are through with your party phase, still young enough to appreciate the good times, but more sophisticated and with more cash to splash, try the elegant black kitchen. This is not a case of painting your walls black, but carefully selecting black items for the kitchen to produce high-end results. Granite worktops are luxurious and give a sleek finish to a kitchen made up of white units. Alternatively, you could opt for shiny black units all around the kitchen or simply just have black tiling with black accessories to achieve the touch of class that young professionals strive for. Find black kitchen cabinets with modern design.

The Green Kitchen

When you have children, it will be time for a move away from sleek and chic and a move towards practical and pleasant. Going for lime greens in your kitchen is perfect for this phase of your life. Go for pale green, matt finish units with wooden surfaces and matching green or white tiles. A green kitchen is colourful enough to appeal to young children, whilst being subtle enough to be enjoyed by adults too. It has a clean and fresh feel to it and is a great back-drop for preparing the healthy family meals.

The Yellow Kitchen

As the children grow up, leave home and start having children of their own, many people move into the country cottage phase of their lives. This phase suits oak kitchen cabinets with ornate details, bunches of dried lavender hung up and more importantly, yellow walls. No country cottage is complete without a warm yellow kitchen; the ideal colour scheme to accompany the smell of freshly baked bread.

Tastes change as your lifestyle changes; you won’t always want the most contemporary colour schemes. Refresh your kitchen colour scheme regularly and you will keep in step with your changing ideals and desires.

Rita Rova writes for Love My Vouchers, the UK voucher code and discount website that can help you to decorate your home on a budget.

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