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ultra modern kitchens usually preferred by professional man, woman or couple. Here are some handy tips to designing just that sort of kitchen. First of all, finding a good designer with access to kitchen design software is essential. After all, that’s the modern way to do things – no room for pen and paper here – and it is a modern kitchen you’re after. The 3D CAD software will allow you to design and redesign over and over until you are completely happy with how the kitchen looks. Often called kitchen planner software, you can use it to create the layout, choose surface materials, textures and colours, floor coverings and colours, select and place fixtures, fittings and appliances such as taps, lighting and refrigerators, even add in the finishing touches like paintings on the wall, bowls of fruit on the worktops or wine bottles in the wine rack!

ultra modern kitchens design

In the long run 3D CAD kitchen software will save you both time and money by protecting you from mistakes when it comes to the installation of your new kitchen.

Colours & Materials

For ultra modern kitchens you’ll want to look at modern materials and bold colours. Consider marble for worktops in colours like black, white and red. There is specialist marble that contains glittery elements to really stand out under the lights of your kitchen. An alternative to marble and perhaps more suited to a smaller budget is stainless steel worktops and splashbacks. They provide a modern look that is very easy to clean and maintain.

For flooring there are many options. Tiles of various materials in a colour that matches the worktops is a great choice. You could choose from slate, rubber or vinyl in various effects and linoleum (though this isn’t an ideal choice!). If you prefer, you could use wooden flooring, though you would be better off choosing a dark wood as this has a more contemporary look than light wood which would better suit a rustic style kitchen.

For cupboard doors, drawers and appliance fronts your choices are almost unlimited. Ideally you would want to choose a colour that contrasts strongly with the your choice for the worktops and floor. If, for example, you have chosen black work tops, then clean white cupboards and drawers will really stand out, especially if they are in a shiny, easily wipeable material. Stainless steel handles will complete the modern look.


Ultra modern kitchens need good lighting. Select halogen spots for the ceiling but also consider small ones for under overhead cupboards and if you really want to push the boat out, think coloured LED lighting for the bottom of cupbards and drawers at floor level or even inset lighting in the floor itself. Make sure they are all carefully positioned to be functional as well as attractive – you are still going to be using this room to cook and possibly eat!


Finally, the selection of your appliances is vital. Rather than go for the standard white appliances spend that little bit more and go for ones with a brushed steel finish, for example. Alternatively, you could go for the big American style appliances in various colours like those from Smeg. Choose whatever fits best with your chosen colour scheme. In addition to the essentials like cooker, hob and fridge freezer, consider adding a wall mounted plasma TV as a final touch.

The options for creating ultra modern kitchens which is both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional are endless. Have fun with your designs and take the time to achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

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