What floor in the kitchen?

The floor in the kitchen performs a unifying function, or it may serve as a separating element in the kitchen connected with living room. It is necessary to pay attention to material selection, quality of application and subsequent maintenance.

Ceramic floor
These include traditional kitchen flooring. Its advantages are long life, easy maintenance and excellent water resistance and chemical resistance. Ceramic tiles can be porous, glazed or unglazed. While porous pavement absorbs water well, glaze it repels, so has a higher moisture resistance. The kitchen area is recommended to use unglazed tiles with embossed surface ground or polished. Such tiles are extremely resistant to mechanical damage.
The current trend in kitchens is the use of large format tiles, for example, measuring 600 x 1200, 600 x 600 or 400 × 400 mm. Regarding color, the choice is really wide. The popularity of the hot, bright pastel colors. The modern interiors, however, become established and cool shades of tiles or tiles, which visually resemble natural stone, wood or leather.

Elastic floor materials
Elastic materials in the kitchen became a trendy affair – the esthetic and practical. Old and new material is linoleum. These antistatic, hygienic material that inhibits the multiplication of microorganisms. This is one of the reasons why it is popular in modern kitchens. In addition to these properties and has excellent thermal and sound insulation. Modern linoleum patterns lose and is resistant to scratches, which shows the depth of design stability of the material. Maintenance and cleaning resilient flooring is generally easy, as they have a solid smooth surface and no grooves or joints are not captured dust, dirt and other debris.

Eco-friendly cork
Natural materials are currently experiencing a renaissance. If you are thinking about green floor made of natural material, cork is suitable adept – its production is not necessary to chop down trees. Is obtained exclusively from the bark of cork oak. Its original spongy structure is among the ideal materials to kitchen spaces. Cork does not interfere with rotation temperatures, dry or wet. Does not attract dust, so it is suitable for allergy sufferers.  Cork tiles reach a thickness of 3-4 mm in many patterns and colors. You can choose either glued or floating version. In both cases it is essential that the surface is flat and clean. If the floating cork and place about 2 mm thick cork balls, increase the sound insulation of floors.

Natural materials will ensure not only unique charm environment, but also healthy living. They act naturally, have the ability to harmonize and unique aesthetic effect. Modern trends indicate that future materials becomes important.

Live materials
Wood has its own unique charm, and therefore, as well as for its excellent thermal insulation is part of our interior very long time. Wood flooring adds natural warmth inside, has a representative and a long life. Unlike laminate hardwood floor, wood does not attract dust – it is suitable for households with allergy sufferers.  In addition, wood floors are a good sound and thermal insulator.

Exotics under foots
The manufacture of wood flooring used domestic woods such as beech, oak, ash, maple, spruce and the pine floorboards. Recently, however, under our feet is getting more and more tropical wood. It is not only due to current fashion trends, but mainly due to its excellent features. Floors of exotic wood is a good heat and sound insulator, dominates the wear due to high elasticity. It has the ability to give and receive moisture from the environment, has a minimum electrical conductivity. Due to its high density, very well tolerated moisture, and thus begins to take root not only on the terraces, but also in the kitchens. Tropical wood is harder and more durable than our domestic plants. The market is available as bangkirai, Siberian larch, clank, jarah, Merbau, Kempas, ipe, jatoba, tatajuba, Badi, Makassar, rosewood, zebrawood, wenge and many others.

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